“A Handbook of Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry” which covers almost all subdivisions of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry subjects (Organic, Medicinal, Biochemistry and analysis) related to B. Pharmacy courses. The book contains the basic principle of each experiment included in the curriculum as well as all the details. Some important features of the book are as follows: 1) Theoretical background of each and every experimental procedure. 2) Elaboration of making of reagents as and when required. 3) Explanation of result with proper calculative measures. 4) Chemical structure, reaction with mechanism and mode of action etc. are included in the book for better understanding the process. 5) The book is written by using simple language and in concise form to help students retain more. 6) All the subdivision of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Analysis, Organic, Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemisry) is covered under one umbrella. Teachers can also refer this book for conducting any experiment without wasting their valuable time as it is written according to AICTE syllabus for B. Pharmacy courses. 7) Instrumental aspects are also covered in this book.

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