Alzheimer's Treatments That Actually Worked in Small Studies!: Based on New, Cutting-edge, Correct Theory! – That Will Never Be Tested & You Will Never Hear About from Your MD or Big Pharma!

From the author of the BEST SELLING BOOK

“The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone-Vitamin D3-My One Year Experiment…….”

This IS the better mousetrap! Most MD’s get just a basic 4 years in Med School, then work to earn not learn. I’ve researched diseases and aging for 20+ years, with a 10 year stint where I spent 12 hrs/day everyday in the Northwestern Med School’s library just reviewing clinical and scientific studies! .I’ve had 3 major papers published; the publishing journal has 5 Nobel Prizes between the editors. And described my papers as extremely exciting and of major importance!

It’s time to take control of your Alzheimer’s treatment and try protocols that have actually worked and are based on the newest, latest, cutting-edge, and CORRECT theory.

Why is it that Big Pharma still pushes Alzheimer’s treatments like aricept, namenda, razadyne, exelon, cognex that are expensive, have side effects, and are basically do nothing? Because it’s the only way they can make money on Alzheimer’s! The treatments that work-are unpatentable/ unprofitable!

The latest theory (which is PROVING correct) is that Alzheimer’s, like other diseases of aging, is actually caused by the huge increase in the reproduction-related hormone -Luteinizing Hormone (LH)- that occurs in both men and women after age 50 (up to 1,000’s of %!). Just like annual plants, and Pacific Salmon that are killed after a burst of reproduction by their reproductive hormones- humans undergo the same process except in slow motion! LH is literally eating away at our brains and bodies!

The evidence that the”LH causes AD” theory is true is becoming larger and even attracting scientists from the ultra-conservative NIH (National Institute of Health), it is all detailed here in this book.

When the hormone LH rises too much in young children it causes precocious puberty (reaching sexual maturity as young as 5 years old!). To stop precocious puberty, doctors have been using Lupron injections for years which stops the rise in LH.

Lupron injections have also been used successfully to STOP the progression of Alzheimer’s in a small pilot study which is described in detail in this book.

Melatonin, which also suppresses LH has also been shown to STOP the progression of AD! The melatonin study is also described in detail in this book.

Newsflash!- The results of an additional new study showed that melatonin plus daily exercise completely halted Alzheimer’s disease in a mouse model of AD where the mice had not one but three different AD causing mutations. The study is described in this new edition.Also I just took 300mg for 2 months & tested my LH levels which dropped 30%-it works!

Why doesn’t Big Pharma promote new treatments based on this cutting edge new theory-BECAUSE THEY CAN’T MAKE ANY MONEY ON IT! They would rather keep selling you Aricept and pretending they don’t accept the new evidence! Heck -they probably think you are eventually going to die anyway so what’s the big deal?

Anyone can just go buy melatonin over the counter, and any doctor can write a prescription for Lupron which is about to go off patent in 2015!

Read this book and follow its protocols to stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks! Also learn about the fantastic promise of high dose melatonin as a treatment for AD and possible side effects to look out for based on my year-long experiment and the experience of my friends taking huge doses of melatonin. This is by far your best chance at stopping Alzheimer’s!

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