1. General Introduction, A) History, Definition and Scope of Pharmacognosy B) Traditional and Alternative System of Medicine. C) Classification of Crude Drugs. D) Scheme for Pharmacognostic studies of a Crude Drug. 2. Introduction to parts of Medicinal Plant 3. Cultivation Collection and Processing of Herbal Drugs. 4.Cultivation and Utilisation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in India. A) Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in India. B) Indian Trade in Medicinal and Aromatic. Plants. 5. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology. A) Genetics as applied to Medicinal Herbs and Transgenic Plants. B) Plant tissue culture as source of Biomedicinals. C) Introduction to Biogenesis of Phytopharmaceuticals. 6. Analytical Pharmacognosy. A) Drugs Adulteration. B) Methods of Drug evaluation. C) Biological Testing of Herbal Drugs. D) Phytochemical investigations. 7. Carbohydrates and derived products 8. Drugs containing Glycosides 9. Drugs containing Tannins. 10. Lipids (Fixed Oils, Fats and Waxes) 11. Terpenoids. A) Volatile oils and others. Terpenoid Drugs. 12. Enzymes and Protein Drugs. 13. Alkaloidal Drug. 14. Phytopharmaceuticals, Restrospect and Prospect. 15. Marine Drugs 16. Nutraceuticals and Cosmaceuticals. 17. Ayurvedic Pharmacy. 18. Drugs of Mineral origin 19. Fibres, Sutures and Surgical Dressings. 20. Natural Pesticidies, Antibiotics and Allergenic Extracts. 21. Immunomodulators, Adaptogens and Rasayana. Appendices Pharmacognostic Terms Crude Drugs and their Indian synonyms Biological Index Chemical Index General Index.

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