Principles of Medicinal Chemistry Vol- 1

1.General Principles2. Topical Anti-Infective Agents3.Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases 4.Sulphonamides and Urinary Tract Antiseptic gents 5.Antibiotics 6.Modes of Action of Antibiotics 7.Antifungal Agents 8.Antiviral Agents 9.Anti-Neoplastic Agents 10.Anti-Tuberculosis and Anti-Leprotic Agents 11.Hormones 12.Insulin and Oral Hypoglycemic Agents 13.Diuretics 14.Drugs Acting on Blood 15.Drugs Acting on GIT 16.Drugs Acting on Respiratory Tract 17.Diagnostic Agents 18.Immuno-Modulators 19.Adverse Effects 20.Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship 21.Vitamins Synthesis of Drugs (Appendix) Index

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