Why we get Sick? What doctors, multinationals and pharma will never tell you!

The question “why” does not have an answer in the all powerful science today. Do we really know why someone gets from small conditions like a headache or cold to deadly diseases like cancer? Why is it that in the same family one person gets ill while others roam healthy? Why is the whole world dominated by chemical drugs and surgeries? Current generation might be having higher life expectancy but are we the healthiest? Why are we becoming more ill?This book will help you understand why we get diseases! Note that this information will never be given to you by your doctors and pharma companies. Book goes into great death to bust lot of current dogmas and myths. This is a must read for people who want to know if genes are really your destiny. The book also explores the magic called human body. Understand your Whys to truly heal your self. Alexis Carrell, nobel laureate wrote that “every new born child is a genius only to be converted into an idiot in school.” How did a genius become a mediocre within 2-3 decades?
This book will help you open your mind to possibilities.

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